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If you found this blog, it’s because somehow you actually care. In some way. I want you to know that I too really, really care. I am sincere. I strive to be genuine.

I like it here, on this site. Here I can give away my thoughts, feelings. Stuff I can’t really express in the day. I hope I didn’t hurt you. And if I did, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t my goal.

I have this blog because it allows me to vent. It relaxes me to write here. To express. And yeah, I hope you read it. I hope you find something worthwhile.

Maybe I offered inspiration. I know people who inspire me. Make me try harder. I do the best I can to emanate the great energy I am surrounded with. I know some amazing people. I try to be like them. I try to be a better man.

If you read my thoughts I want you to understand that this place is a repository of my feelings and thoughts. Things that happened to me. The event’s that I’m responsible¬†for. The good and the bad. They are my life. I write about you, the past, the present. I express love and lust. Life is so beautiful. I can’t give that beauty justice.

It’s said that I’m sensitive. I am. I am honest with you. So if I get hurt it’s because it really does hurt when lies, deceit, manipulation are the foundation of an experience, part of my life. I let reality flood into my soul. I’m unapologetic about that. So, together we have to be the best selves. I promise to work on being my best although I will fall short and occasionally let you down. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Relationships evolve, take time. I promise to value everyone in my life as a person with a soul. Not an object or a target.

If you did read my blog, please let me know. Send me a message via my contact page.

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